About Us

Our vehicles are important assets to our lives and families. We name them and depend on them like a family member. When they are not well, we want them to be given the best care possible. Who do you trust to fix them the right way, honestly and fairly?

Best Automotive Repair, Inc. is a family owned business that has been in Kingwood for over 30 years. Opened when Kingwood was not quite so large and populated. At a time when there was not nearly the homes and businesses lining the main streets and strip centers we have today. Owner, Keith Best, has lived in this community since the early 1980’s. Working as a general manager for a corporate owned shop, when in 1984 he decided it would be better to strike out on his own. The idea that giving personalized, home town service, honestly at a fair price is what had to set Best Automotive Repair apart from the faceless corporation. Exactly what is needed in a community of hard working people supporting their families. A commitment, 30 years ago, that has become tradition; the fabric of a business still in operation today. Kingwood isn’t just a town the business is in to the owner and his employees. They live here. Keith’s children and grandchildren have gone or are going to school here. The company has supported local youth teams. Every employee has a vested, living interest in the community because it is home. The employees of Best Automotive Repair are just like family. Hiring the best and keeping them is very important. When a customer comes in they should see the same faces to develop a relationship and can depend on the same great service every time. It is the company’s philosophy to give personal service.

68 Shelby Mustang

Best Automotive Repair is family owned, and Keith has been passing this on to his youngest son, Aaron Best. Aaron now runs the business as Keith has become semiretired. Though Keith is still highly involved, Aaron runs the day to day business. Keeping it family oriented with no lapse in what has come to be expected by the customers. Aaron is now the Operations Manager. He went to school and was raised in Kingwood. Having been at the shop since he was about 7 years old makes him a natural successor to the family business. A highly skilled technician, custom exhaust fabricator, and highly experienced welder gives him an edge and hands on style. Having the same mindset and attitude of giving the best he has to offer is what has come to be expected from Best Automotive.

Best Automotive Repair has recently added three more bays to further accommodate the needs of Kingwood’s growing community. It isn’t just your new, modern car they can take care of. The old classics are a specialty at Best Automotive. If you have an exotic car or a nice four wheel drive, that is easily accommodated as well. From custom work to everyday maintenance to technical, Best Automotive Repair is the one stop place for Kingwood’s automotive needs. A company that lives up to its name. Hiring the best and most experienced in the industry.


chris-welding Chris Kaminski is the general service technician and a welder. After going through technical school he came to work for Best Automotive. Young and motivated he brought enthusiasm and freshness to the company. Chris does a lot of the welding and fabrication Best Automotive offers. He has been with the company 8 years and is considered part of the Best family, not just an employee. Living and working where he knows the people is invaluable to the company and helps ensure success of service the customer has come to expect.

At Best Automotive Repair, Inc. it is important to treat our employees like family. Retaining the best talent is a priority with no turn over. The customer can depend on the same faces taking care of their most precious transportation investment. Best Automotive believes the customer should come to know what to expect every time they enter the door needing help. Having a vested interest in the community and hiring the best local talent offers commitment to service for the customer. So when your vehicle is having a bad day and not feeling well, or you could use a good welder to fix your trailer, fence and lawnmower, or you just have that old classic in your garage that you want to fix up, your locally, family owned Best Automotive is there to help. Great advice, honest care, dependable, friendly faces, and they’ll even give you a ride to and from the shop just like a neighbor, because they are your neighbor.