Thank you for visiting our Services page. Best Automotive is your one stop for all automotive needs. Offering complete services for Foreign and Domestic vehicles is not all that we do. Sure we can rebuild your engine, install a new transmission, or do any maintenance services on your Foreign or Domestic vehicle. However, Best Automotive has the best technicians. This extends our services to diagnostics of the computer systems, performance issues and the noises that those gremlins can make inside your vehicle.


  • Engine Overhaul

  • Replace Transmission

  • Full Electrical Services

  • Carbureted Fuel Systems

  • Fuel Injection System

  • Tuner Car Modification

  • Full Custom Exhaust

  • A/C Repair or Install

  • Lift or Lower Vehicle

  • Maintenance

  • Diagnostics

  • Tune Ups

Our services don’t stop there. We can work on your hot rod, every tuner car modification you can dream up. We have a full custom exhaust shop where we can custom bend pipe to fit your application. Even repairing your stock exhaust system.


Best Automotive can fix your a/c, or install one where one didn’t exist. We have full electrical services as well. Solving wiring issues or rewiring that classic you’ve been restoring. Having trouble finding someone that works on carbureted fuel systems? Not anymore. Best Auto can work on fuel injection and carbureted systems. Even ensuring your emissions are to standard.